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OFF! - Wasted Years [LP]

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Artista: OFF!
Titulo: Wasted Years
Formato: Disco de vinil [LP]
Selo: Vice Records
Lançamento: 2014
Estado: Novo


Lista de Música:

Lado A:

01. Void You Out
02. Red White And Black
03. Legion of Evil
04. No Easy Escape
05. Over Our Heads
06. Hypnotized
07. It Didn't Matter To Me
08. Exorcised

Lado B:

09. Death Trip On The Party Train
10. I Won't Be A Casualty
11. All I Can Grab
12. Time's Not On Your Side
13. Meet Our God
14. Mr. Useless
15. You Must Be Damned
16. Wasted Years

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