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Face to Face - Ignorance Is Bliss + So Why Aren't You Happy? [CD + EP]

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Artista: Face To Face
Título: Ignorance Is Bliss + So Why Aren't You Happy?
Formato: CD
Lançamento Original: 1999
Gravadora: Antagonist Records
Estado: Novo


Lista de músicas:

Ignorance Is Bliss
01. Overcome
02. In Harm's Way
03. Burden
04. Everyone Hates a Know-It-All
05. Heart Of Hearts
06. Prodigal
07. Nearly Impossible
08. I Know You What You Are
09. The Devil You Know (God Is a Man)
10. (a)Patethic
11. Lost
12. Run In Circles
13. Maybe Next Time

So Why Aren't You Happy EP
14. Bottle Rockets
15. So Long
16. Questions Still Remain
17. Everyone Hates a Know-It-All (acoustic)


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